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a new way to organize and easily find your digital information – that works the way your brain works

The tools we currently use to save our digital information rely on our ability to remember a key word, or how we tagged it, or what folder we put it in. But our brains are wired to process visual information more easily than text. The more we use the internet to gather information and artifacts, the harder it gets to keep track of and “re-find” what we collect.

“Our ability to find humor in the world, to make connections between previously unconnected notions, to create new ideas, to share in a common culture: All these essentially human acts depend on memory. Now more than ever, as the role of memory in our culture erodes at a faster pace than ever before, we need to cultivate our ability to remember. Our memories make us who we are. They are the seat of our values and source of our character.”

– Joshua Foer

Saganworks lets you create 3D spaces to organize the information and artifacts you collect, tapping into the power of visual and spatial memory.

The easier it is to remember and share the knowledge we collect as we work, learn, play, and document our lives, the more useful it becomes.  And the more likely we are to make new connections and discoveries.

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