Your Life in 3D.

Welcome to Saganworks, where we think everyone should have access to a more immersive online experience.

What is a Sagan?

Grab your stuff and toss it into a virtual world

Your photos, files, videos, music and more in a space built by you for whoever you want.

Wait. What does the SAGAN stand for?


It's your space. No annoying roommates or landlords to tell you what you can or can't do.


Invite anyone and/or everyone into your creations. You make the rules.


A museum dedicated to you and what you love. Because you deserve it, sweetie.


Like a bank that works just for you, we keep your stuff, however old or new it is, safe.


Unlike a dating app, make a deeper connection with your content.

How does it work?

Add furniture to house your knowledge and personalize your space to your liking.

Drag and drop, browser extensions, integrated cloud drives - multiple ways to import your stuff

Make your room public or invite just a few inside (or keep to yourself!)

Access all of your rooms, plus hundreds of public community spaces

What can I make?

Your gallery without the NYC rent prices. 

Give people the ultimate gallery, resume or portfolio experience by displaying your creations virtually.

You’re into some cool stuff. 

Take your passion to the next level. Dedicate a Sagan to the things you’re interested in and grow your expertise on them.

Remember classrooms?

Keep the convenience of providing education virtually while adding the ability to let students interact with study material. 

Make your files more accessible than ever!

All the stuff you care about – favorite books, that never-ending to-do list, all the posters you can’t get away with hanging on your actual walls – whatever!

Sounds awesome, now what?

Build, customize, and share. It's never been easier to bring 3D to your virtual life.