Knowledge is multidimensional.

We’re building tools to take you there.
Welcome to Saganworks.

Turn knowledge into insight

We humans love building things.

You could say it’s in our DNA. Use Saganworks to easily create 3D spaces, personalize them, and fill them with your web links, photos, documents, videos and more.


Organize your knowledge just the way you want.

Access all your digital knowledge wherever it lives. Remember everything you have and exactly where to find it.


Share what you know in multidimensional space.

Drag and drop your digital knowledge into 3D space. Create fresh connections and new perspectives. Share what you build and let others roam through your stories and ideas.


Work the way your brain works

Our knowledge is scattered across the cloud on different services and devices. It’s hard to find what we saved last week, let alone a year ago. We lose a lot of knowledge and waste a lot of time trying to find it.

Saganworks taps into spatial and visual memory to help you organize and find what matters most.

Share experiences instead of information

Create immersive spaces that infuse flat files with visual depth and richness. Wrap the information you share in fresh insights and meaningful connections.

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