Your Moments.
Right Where You Left Them.

Welcome to Saganworks, a spatial organization platform for your content.

What is a Sagan?

Grab your stuff and toss it into a virtual world

Your photos, files, videos, music and more in a space built by you for whoever you want.

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Wait. What does the SAGAN stand for?


It's your space. No annoying roommates or landlords to tell you what you can or can't do.


Invite anyone and/or everyone into your creations. You make the rules.


A museum dedicated to you and what you love. Because you deserve it, sweetie.


Like a bank that works just for you, we keep your stuff, however old or new it is, safe.


Unlike a dating app, make a deeper connection with your content.

How does it work?

Drag and drop. Easy peasy lemon squeezy

Make the room your own

Invite your friends. BYOB

Create your own universe of knowledge

sagan ui
What can I make?

Have you called your mom lately?

Mom wants to know what you've been up to - invite her into your room to show her!

You're into
some weird stuff; that's cool

Create without judgment.

Life is a party!

Bring light to the darkest hours and walk through your loved one's life experiences.

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Sounds Awesome, Now What?

Our Saganauts are members of the Saganworks community who ventured into the world of 3D curation and organization. Interested?
Let's Go!

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