Saganworks; an Origin Story

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It all started years ago when our CEO, Don Hicks, was sitting inside the British Museum after a wonderful visit – and he wanted to take his experience home with him.  That concept has evolved into Saganworks, where we are bringing you a virtual 3D way to build your own living legacy of your choice.

Read on to learn of the infinite ways you can use Saganworks in your life, what a Sagan is, and what makes us tick as a company.

Sagan – the meaning behind the name

Here at Saganworks, the term Sagan stands for something – literally:

  • S – Spatially
  • A – Accessible
  • G – Gallery of
  • A – Archived
  • N – kNowledge

So what’s that? A room. Specifically, a 3D room. A paradigm buster on the biggest scale possible.

But, why?

At Saganworks, the question is always “why not?” – because we love a good challenge. But in all seriousness, we’re here because spatial memory plays an extremely important role on knowledge retention. It’s true, as touched on in this Ted Talk from Joshua Foer.  People can recall and retain information more effectively if they develop a visual diagram – a room if you will – to organize information.  Saganworks drastically enhances the traditional method of document organization – folders. 

Imagine using a 3D room to organize your work plans for the day, to create a gallery of photos to share, to lay out an onboarding session for new employees, a memorial to share memories of a lost relative.  This interactive, immersive space draws people in, creating a more enjoyable experience as they learn and review

As a company, we also stand for something

We leverage science to think better. We innovate. We create. We challenge each other. We advocate for what is right. We advocate for inclusivity. We like trying new things. We like making people smile. We like making people wonder. We want to improve the way you manage your knowledge, memories, and experiences. We know we are onto something really freaking awesome and we want everyone to join us.

What goes into a Sagan?

Ok so now what? You fill your Sagan with your stuff; what we like to call KI’s and FO’s….yea, more of that weird Saganworks language
K – Knowledge
I – Item
(also known as your stuff!) These are your files: docs, pics, music, etc.

F – Furniture
O – Object
(that’s right; we give you TONS of furniture to decorate your Sagan as weird as you’d like)

What can you do with a Sagan?

What kind of Sagan can you build? ANY! There are literally infinite ways to customize a room of your own knowledge:

  • A photo album for your mom
  • Your favorite Jamaican cuisine
  • Van Gogh’s best work (in your opinion)
  • The History of Drag
  • HIPAA regulations
  • Brand strategy

should I go on? Fun, quirky, professional, storytelling; you name it.

What else?

Alright; so you got the run down on the origin of Saganworks as a company and a few of the things that make us tick as a team. Then you got the concept of a Sagan: a 3D virtual room filled with your files and customized to your liking. Even better, you can build TONS of rooms and connect them – then comes the term “Saganworks”. Think of your Saganworks like your map view of the universe you created. Too far down the rabbit hole? OK we’ll back up.

Mash all these acronyms together and you get a super innovative 3D technology that allows you to build your room, connect multiple rooms, share with others (or no one), and experience organizing, recalling, learning and collaborating in an entirely new (yet somehow natural) way. Even better, once you’re part of the Saganworks community, you get access to hundreds of 3D environments our other users have published. Come to build, explore and have fun! We’re here for you to use us how you’d like to.

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