Why Your Data Privacy Matters

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And if not, why it SHOULD!

Most likely, you wouldn’t mind sharing your name and contact information with someone you’ve physically met and would like to keep contact with. But what about your bank information? Your personal preferences? Your social security number? Your mother’s address? Probably not – and we’re still talking about what you’d share with someone you actually know. Now imagine sharing those details and more with a complete stranger; or millions of strangers?? HECK NO! Unfortunately between data breaches and social media conglomerates straight up selling your data – not much is private anymore no matter how hard you try. Cambridge Analytica scandal, anyone?

That’s the day we live in though, right? We’re just supposed to accept that social media conglomerates do not value your data as more than a marketing tactic? You google that lasagna recipe you want and suddenly ads for lasagna recipes are everywhere your internet browsing takes you. Or in my case, you are verbally discussing with your significant other how to kill a tree stump – no internet searching involved – and suddenly your Pinterest feed is littered with that exact topic…creepy. Cue account deactivation button, if you’re anything like me. I’m a public person on topics I want to make public – the others? Back off please. 

Still wondering why data privacy is so important? The answer can be bucketed into two main reasons:

  1. Data is one of the most important assets a business owns
  2. Privacy implies each individual can mitigate unsolicited surveillance 

It’s when your data gets into the wrong hands (specifically as it relates to criminal activity) that data privacy goes from a nuisance of remarketing to a genuine safety compromise. As a consumer, you don’t have all that much control over how companies are storing your data, and how well they are keeping it private. We think who you do business with is a mindful choice you can control and make depending on how businesses handle your data – read on to learn our data privacy promises at Saganworks.

That said, there are a number of easy steps you can take that can improve the privacy of your data.

  1. Check out multi factor authentication. Another awesome Ann Arbor tech startup, Duo Security, masters this with a two-factor authentication solution. Additional security layers are no longer a recommendation – they should be implemented wherever possible.
  2. Educate yourself on what spyware means for your data privacy.
  3. Back up your data often.
  4. Keep an eye out for strange requests or messages. If it smells fishy, it probably is.

Where does Saganworks come in?

It is simple, really. We will never ever ever sell, share or monetize your data to/from third parties. No ads, no spyware, no political bias, no boosted fake news, and no newsfeed manipulation. You have total control of your data and your newsfeed on Saganworks. No one can pay Saganworks to target you. Ever. That’s it. Capeesh? Now get in here and build your secure space once and for all. 

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