3D Digital Storytelling – A New Take on Your Travel Stories

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My wife and I love to travel, and we also love telling our travel story through photos, videos, and links to the places we visited.  

What we don’t like is the days/weeks of coordinating multi-media files and putting it into a single presentable form.  That’s why we were excited to try Saganworks to tell our most recent travel to Japan.

Trip to Japan

Our trip to Japan was just before the coronavirus outbreak, thankfully.   Our plan was to visit family, go explore new ski places, visit friends in Tokyo, and visit the Mount Fuji region.  

Prior to Saganworks

The reason I wanted to try out Saganworks was that,  in the past, it would take several days to bring in videos and merge them with photos to tell our vacation story in a sequenced manner.  With Saganworks I can organize these files, or Knowledge Items (KI’s in Saganworks parlance) spatially in a room or rooms, and do this in a manner of minutes or hours without the need for video editing.

Spatially Organizing our Trip

So usually we organize our storytelling by location of stops or by day of trip – it really depends upon the trip, the number of activities, and the number of locations visited.  For the Japan trip, we had four major locations, so I organized my Saganworks room around these

  • Mount Fuji area – temple viewing, strawberry picking, and cherry blossom viewing were the key activities when we were at this location.   I could probably create a room for each of these activities as we have a lot of photos but decided to keep this one room for the highlighted pictures.  Because Mt Fuji is such and iconic image, and we had great viewing weather, we wanted to make sure our room had many of the walls covered with photos during this part of the trip. 
  • Skiing at Gala Yuzawa and Appi Kogen – A big chunk of this trip involved skiing, so we wanted a section of our story to involve the images we took while skiing.  We tend to take a mix of GoPro video, photos, and basic videos while on ski trips. So having a location in our trip room for us to view all of these images, and highlight a few videos and photos on the wall to tell the story and bring others in are really what sets Saganworks apart – since it’s easy for us to click on an image, a link to a resort site, a video – all while in our 3D room – enhance our ability to tell our travel story.  What’s more, I didn’t have to use a movie editor to merge photos and videos – I can put all of this media in the room just by dragging them in and arranging them into sections in the room. 


  • Tokyo – We lived in Tokyo for a few years, so the images we focused on here were mostly food related.  Including a web link with a visual in our Saganworks room made it easy for us to share the restaurant information with our photos.  So this section of our room was full of food images, web links to the restaurants, map links to be able to take us back to the spots we visited.  We created a shelf in our room for this section of our trip since there were quite a few KI’s we wanted to share.  

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