Coronavirus and Virtual Workspaces

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Wow, what a crazy time we are living in right now. Let’s just call out the elephant. It’s OK to sit on that for a moment.

Before going further, we at Saganworks would like to acknowledge and thank all essential workers who are supporting the infrastructure to provide our basic survival needs and providing medical care to those in need. We are so grateful for you. We do not take for granted the privilege of discussing virtual workspaces with those for whom it’s an option.

Finding the Physical Space and Environment

The process of adjustment can be challenging, however, for those of us that are in very different working environments overnight.

Take myself, for example:

5am: I wake up and begin my workday in my home office before my young children wake up
9am: I’ve moved out to my car in the driveway for some peace and quiet as I have a lot of meetings and my children simply aren’t used to me being home for work – cue Professor Robert Kelly on BBC
1pm: And now that the weather is turning, I’m in my barn after lunch to enjoy the fresh air – thankfully we have a makeshift office and electricity in there (no livestock at the moment, but that would make for a sweet BBC video if someone wants to interview me)
3pm: Sneak back into my home office while the kids are napping.

Your situation may look equally chaotic or you have a peaceful workspace setup (I’m so happy for you!) and are now just missing that physical experience of being surrounded by your work/office/colleagues/coffee shop/museum…the list goes on due to the coronavirus. Moral of the story, find the physical workspace that works for you first and foremost, then go from there.

So now you’ve got the environment, what about the technology?

Have you Googled virtual workspace software lately? Yowzers there are a ton of options. Many are great, most I have never tried or heard of, some pretty bad. Whichever your software preference, it’s hard to mimic the physical experience of the work if you’re not already a remote-accustomed employee. What we’re offering you at Saganworks is just that: the ability to create a 3D room that doubles as your virtual workspace. Perhaps you want to replicate your work office. Or if you’re an employer you want to create a virtual desk for each employee. Or even create a more immersive kanban board to engage your colleagues while remote.

This might help conceptualize what we’re really doing here:

Set up your desk just like you are used to or just how you wish it could be
Place your photos on the walls
Add indoor plants for some feeling of fresh oxygen circulation
Mindfully place your files where you want them, where you’ll remember them
Walk through your room
Immerse yourself in knowledge
Admire your work
Now get to work

Curious to learn more? We invite you to experience adding a 3D element to your already remote office and a totally new experience to your virtual office. Something tells me you’ll want to keep building more (that’s right, you can build as many rooms as you want) so get in there and build something!

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