July Product Update: Digitize Your World

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Saganworks allows you to create a virtual, immersive, 3D space to store and interact with your files. Every month, we’re coming out with brand new features that have been requested by real Saganworks users! So, what’s on the docket this month? Read more to find out!

Sagan Linking 

You can now travel through different Sagans to create connected floor plans and guide your audience from Sagan to Sagan without having to open them separately. 

Filter Finder – Knowledge Items (KIs)

Here at Saganworks, KIs stand for Knowledge Items, aka your stuff. While we’ve made it easier than ever to import your images, videos, files and more, now you can filter those items to find what you need, when you need it. Our dropdown filter allows users to filter their files by data type, making it quicker and easier to get the file you need to spice up your latest creation.

New Customization and Furniture Objects (FOs)

Build and create personalized spaces with dozens of new FOs from museum grade sculptures and electronics to outdoor activities and new furnishings. You can add hundreds of new furniture objects to customize your space and house your files. 

Share Your Sagans with the Community

Our users and developers are adding new Sagans to the community daily. Share your own creation or drag and drop one of the public Sagans into your map and dive in for limitless inspiration and knowledge sharing.

Upgrades & Improvements

Thank you to all who have shared feedback through our Community Forum! Your feedback helps us determine the course of Saganworks. In response, we’ve fixed several bugs to make the overall user experience even more enjoyable and easy to navigate. 

We’ve also enhanced our map zoom, so users can quickly access any area of their map and have a better view of all their Sagans.

So dive in and explore! We’ve got even more exciting features coming next month. Stay tuned and never miss an update – subscribe below!

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