Celebrating Your Family Legacy

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What is your family legacy? Where do you come from? What makes you who you are today?

We live in a world with 7.8 billion people, 6,500 languages, 4,300 religions, and 195 counties. Yet, no two are alike. Every culture, every religion, and every nation holds its own unique set of beliefs, values, and realities. On a more granular level, no two people within any identity are alike either. We all have our unique preferences and views on different situations. It’s what makes us who we are today and how we maintain our incredible global diversity.

But we also live in an increasingly digital era. Between an endless barrage of news (more like opinion these days!) outlets, social media, and even remote work, we are being exposed to more information at a faster rate than any other generation in the history of our species. At times, this matrix of information can become a maze- wrapping us up so tightly in the chaos of the internet that we forget who we truly are inside. There is no question that this is one of the greatest challenges of digitization and that – without being properly addressed – it can lead to a multitude of negative consequences.

Reconnect With Your Family

At Saganworks, we understand this problem and are driven to be part of the solution. Through our unique 3-D platform, we give everyone the ability to celebrate their identities and visualize their family histories. Whether your great-great-grandparents were sharecroppers who labored the fields to provide for their families or war veterans who risked their lives for the safety of everyone else back home, everyone has a family legacy that deserves to be remembered and celebrated. By doing so, we also keep ourselves grounded to the values that shape us and the backgrounds that shape our cultures.

So Why Saganworks?

Saganworks allows you to present your family history in a digitally-secure, visually-appealing way over a wide variety of formats. Through our Sagans, you can:

  • Remember your grandparents with their old pictures and favorite songs
  • Celebrate your child’s birthday with the year’s images and videos
  • Create your dream family space with your favorite memories and a wide selection of virtual furniture
  • Build out your family tree with everyone’s pictures and personality items
  • And much more!

So come, allow us to give you the platform to make your voice heard. After all, we all have a family legacy. What’s yours?

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