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The list of virtual tools for educators is growing massively- BlueJeans, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, Miro, and YouTube to name a few. With a rush to take education online, many educators are piecing these tools together to deliver their curriculum and meet the accessibility needs of their students. Depending on the level and type of education (i.e. 2nd grade vs college), these tools are getting educators and students through this transition.

But there are challenges, of which a few are highlighted in this article from The Washington Post. While each tool has its own set of potential technical difficulties, it’s the part about missing the immersive experience that educators are most worried about- the longer term effect of students no longer feeling like they are “with” their peers.

How Are Educators Adapting?

When March 2020 hit, life shifted for almost everyone- a shift that we don’t see reverting back for at least the near-term future. Educators have had a long list of concerns and challenges to go with it. So when Schoolcraft College Professor Jesse Mason came to Saganworks to see if he could pilot our 3D software that hadn’t yet launched, we were eager to prove out the use case of Saganworks in the education space. You can check out his story on leveraging Saganworks for his Physics class in this blog in The World’s First 3D Virtual Classroom.

Professor Mason didn’t realize just how powerful it would be to jump on to the new-tech bandwagon. But he does now and he’s bringing 3D to his other classrooms, peers, and educational institutions. But for other educators? Technology is just one of the many items on their priority list – and it’s a list that has grown exponentially over the past few months. For many, they’ve already spent the last number of months adapting to the survival-mode options of online education and incorporating a new technology into that can just seem overwhelming.

Saganworks as a 3D Tool for Educators

One of the recurring pieces of advice we’ve heard educators sharing to their struggling peers is to be adaptable. Check out this article from The Educator Online for more on the importance of adaptability. Saganworks brings a level of adaptability and scalability they were missing in other virtual solutions – you literally change your scenery and content to match your needs, then invite select students or groups into your Sagan as a centralized and spatially organized hub. We invite you to see for yourself.

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