August Product Update: Personalize Your Virtual Space

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We’re forever evolving, and at a rapid pace! Explore the new features that are coming to Saganworks this month, and help drive our next batch of updates by submitting a request on our Community Forum.

New Wall Decor: Website Links & Documents

Not to toot our own horn, but we’ve already revolutionized the way we think and interact with our files—photos, videos, documents and more—by integrating them into a 3D virtual object. Now, you can move those same files right onto the wall of your favorite Sagan and highlight them in new and interesting ways!

New Furniture Objects (FOs): Tailor Your Virtual Room to Your Interests

Wowza—we’ve been busy creating new and improved FOs to help make your Sagan feel more like a reflection of you and your interests. What’s your style? From modern chic to classical and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. All available RIGHT NOW on our Individual Plan.

Categories: Find Specific FOs

Shelving, tables, seating, lighting—oh my! As we continue to add new, creative FOs to our virtual world, we saw a clear need to organize this content so users can quickly find the FO of their choice.

Sagan Tours & Training Videos: Explore Behind the Scenes

We’re starting a new YouTube Series where we partner with real Saganworks users to walkthrough the inspiration, drive and history of their latest Sagan creations. Explore our first video in this series, highlighting the Getty.

Community Forum: Drive the Direction of Saganworks

We need feedback—positive and critical! As a tech start up, our users have the power to drive the direction of our product. Tell us what you need, help us understand what we’re missing, what’s fun to use versus what’s just a drag, and speak directly with the team here at Saganworks. Click here to check out our Community Forum!

Saganworks for Business:

It’s 2020 and in the wake of a pandemic, your ability to foster trust, build relationships and add value for your customers must now extend into the virtual space. Build immersive virtual worlds for events, learning, and day to day work tasks with Saganworks. Click here to learn more about how Saganworks can work for your Business.


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