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Over the past few months, COVID-19 has thrown museums in for a doozy of a ride. Indoor locations, closely-packed exhibits, and normally high traffic flow has forced locations across the nation to shut their doors and transition to an online format.

And yet, museums are one of the hardest businesses to virtualize today. That feeling, the smell, the energy, the immersion – we are very used to that in-the-flesh experience. Simply put, when a museum presents itself, it is selling more than just a collection of artifacts or historical tidbits. It is selling a 3D experience that draws its audience in and makes learning fun for everyone. That is what makes museums special and also why it’s just not possible for a museum to replicate its offerings in an online 2D setting.

Yet SO MANY are trying. And some are bringing really beautifully engaging offerings to the market – but they are falling short on the interaction that patrons crave with the overall museum but more importantly the artifacts. Experiencing an exhibit in 3D is holistically what makes that exhibit one worth visiting, let alone revisiting. Furthermore, software enabling patrons to remember their experience and to create their own legacy within that experience is lacking.

Where Saganworks Fits

At Saganworks, we’ve worked with museums to recreate that experience through our 3D platform. Through our Sagans, we allow museums to present their artifacts in a 3D space again- with the exact same layouts as they featured in their exhibits.


But our possibilities don’t stop there. Because our platform is entirely virtual, our Sagans also allow museums to configure their collections in ways that would not be possible in real life. Want to showcase two large artifacts that occupy entire rooms in the same one? We can do that! Want to create a rich mosaic of paintings that would not otherwise fit together? Consider it done! With our platform, anyone can shrink or enlarge their pieces to present art in a way never seen before.

And it’s not just that:

  • Museums typically have collections 10x the size of their exhibits, the only way to present all of it is through digitization
  • It costs museum directors tens of thousands of dollars to change their exhibits but only a few hours to change their Sagans
  • Guided virtual tours can be easily recorded and shown, creating a lasting learning experience
  • Our platform also allows for URLs, audio files, pdfs, and jpegs, allowing more content to be shown than ever before

Let us know what you want to build, we’ll take it from there! Learn more at

Our Partnership with The Henry Ford

To see our work in action, take a look at the Sagan we’ve been building for The Henry Ford Museum.

With the Henry Ford Museum, we’ve worked with them to create a new, fully virtual exhibit showcasing their stories of entrepreneurship in the fields of agriculture and social transformation. Through the custom design of a number of artifacts. we’ve been able to show their visitors an alternatively engaging experience while preserving their historical integrity. All-in-all it’s been an incredibly rewarding experience that has reinforced our belief in the sheer number of possibilities that our platform can offer. See for yourself by creating an account today.

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What we are bringing you from Saganworks will allow you to continue to experience the things you love even when unforeseen circumstances limit the physical experience: a walk through your favorite museum, a portfolio to prospect for your business, an educational space for your students, employees and for yourself, the list goes on.

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