September Product Update: Building A Better User Experience

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We understand how important the user experience is for our Saganworks community—we hear you, and we’re excited to share a few updates that are sure to inspire!

Stay In The Know: Release Notes

When was the last time you logged into your Saganworks account? Now, whenever we roll out a new update, you’ll be notified of all the exciting, new changes available in the app! In fact, if you notice something worth restructuring, let us know!

Build Easier & Faster: Duplicate Your FOs & KIs

Users can duplicate their selected Furniture Objects (FOs) and Knowledge Items (KIs) to make building easier and faster. 

Express Yourself Creatively: New FOs 

It’s time to let your imagination run wild! We’ve rolled out brand new FOs that’ll make your Sagan even more exciting, colorful, and inspiring. Check out our new kitchen set!

A New View: Tour & Interact Differently 

Our users wanted options, we got ‘em. Now you can toggle and jump between first person view and aerial views! Not just that, but we also added a gizmo that makes rotating the Sagan easier. This means you can tour through a Sagan easier and place your FOs with exact precision. Just use the WASD buttons and right click!

Dive In & Explore Saganworks, Or Make Your Own!

We’ve partnered with various art curators, musicians, galleries, museums, retail businesses, our own Saganworks users, and more to bring endless content, available at your fingertips! Our most recent collab with The Henry Ford is a great example of how we can take 2D artifacts and plop them into a 3D virtual Sagan. We worked together to create an interactive virtual experience to highlight some of the work the museum has done through the William Davidson Foundation Initiative for Entrepreneurship. 


But what makes The Henry Ford’s Sagan extra special? Their collections, of course! Now you can dive in and explore entrepreneurship through collections covering diners, recipe booklets, the Detroit Publishing Company, Heinz, and more! Step in and view The Henry Ford Entrepreneurship Sagan right now!


Saganworks for Business: Interested in building your own Sagan for your business? Click here to learn how we can help you connect with your audience in a brand new virtual way!

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