JOOB is an activewear clothing line created by husband-wife duo, John Ames and Nicha Sangiampornpanit. While living in Japan, John and Nicha were inspired by how Japanese fashion was stylish yet minimalist. They began to explore the idea of creating activewear that would be adaptable to a wide range of outdoor activities, such as yoga, hiking, and skiing, while also being fashionable enough for everyday wear. But they didn’t want the innovation to stop there. John and Nicha noticed how many consumers, including themselves, don’t know the true carbon footprint or the labor impact of the clothes they buy. While some companies focus on either being environmentally sustainable or practicing fair labor, John and Nicha wanted to be and do both. They launched JOOB with partners and fabrics they trust as well as a promise to be carbon neutral, so that their customers could explore the outdoors while feeling good in their clothing. JOOB is currently an online store with a physical store in the works. 

Because JOOB is rooted in such an ambitious mission, John and Nicha found it difficult to tell the story of their brand in context with their activewear line through just their website and social media. “Part of the current frustration with just a static website is that you’re asking the consumer to know everything about a product with just one image. You either would have to go to a bunch of pages to understand the effect and ethics of the product, or crowd the product description with a bunch of words” said John.  Additionally, to continue with the theme of being innovators in the fashion industry, John and Nicha wondered if there were other ways to present their products in a way that would both engage their consumers and differentiate themselves from their competition in today’s digital age. 


Impressed with the ability to create a virtual version of their store, JOOB decided to create Sagans for their Men’s line, provide a virtual tour of their retail space, and a gallery that tells their brand story. “For us, being able to include different types of media, such as images and audio, about just one product to better explain JOOB is game changing. It’s not an easy story to tell. We want to be as transparent as possible and Saganworks offers a much more immersive way to tell that story” said John. 

Most of the Sagan building was something the JOOB team could, and did, do themselves. However, they wanted to make sure their Sagans were perfectly tailored to them. The JOOB team wondered that, as most of their clothing would be worn outdoors, what if there was a way to show the pieces in an outdoor setting? They brought the idea up with the Saganworks Development team, and a collaboration was born. In just a few months, Saganworks created an outdoor Sagan so JOOB could help consumers visualize their products better. 


JOOB now has their Men’s line Sagan embedded onto their website – giving consumers the option to interact with clothing in a way that they’ve never done before. Complete with a gamelike experience,  audio tours, and quick links to a breezy check-out, the JOOB team is confident they are onto the next big thing in online retail. “Our Sagans aren’t meant to replace the traditional e-commerce experience. Instead, they’re there to supplement the experience. Since more shopping is done online nowadays, we wanted to give our consumers as many tools as possible to feel confident about their purchases.”