5 Tips to Getting Started in Saganworks

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Welcome to Saganworks! We’re glad you’re here! To get you on your way to making cool Sagans, we’ve outlined the 5 essential tips to follow for elevating your build.

Tip 1: Bring the web into 3D

20 tabs deep and need to come back to the internet later? Save those sites to Saganworks. 

Add websites to a room that’s already inside a website. Download our Chrome Extension to add sites and images from the web to your Sagan Drive whenever you’re browsing. 

chrome extension

For more info on how the CE works, check out this video.  Websites on the walls of websites = in[ternet]ception.

Step 2: Upload to the Drive from your phone

You can add sites and images to your Sagan Drive from your phone, too. Share stuff on mobile using the Saganworks Share App for iOS and Android. Snap a pic of you and your friend and put it on the wall of your virtual room within seconds.

Step 3: Edit and explore Sagans from your phone

Explore and edit anywhere: Use the Saganworks App (different from the Saganworks Share App) to edit and check out Sagans on your phone. Like Polly Pocket for the new era

Step 4: Get inspired by what everyone else is building

Still not sure what cool thing to build? Get inspired by all of the sweet Sagans in the Community, from Star Wars to sandwiches.

Step 5: Share your Sagan with friends or publish it to the world

You, too, can share your Sagans with the world. Once you’re ready, select the Sagan from the Map and click the share button. 


Looking for more help? Find your answer here, plus talk about what you’re creating with other Sagan builders. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, click the Help button in the lower right and send us a message. 

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