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Here at Saganworks, the last few months have been quite the whirlwind for us. We officially launched in May of 2020, followed by a rush of our first 2,500 users (and growing rapidly). We’ve taken this time to listen to the feedback from our users and have come to this important conclusion:

Saganworks will now be a free platform for all users. 

That’s right. We’ve removed the Saganworks Individual plan and the Saganworks Intro plan. From now on, we’ll just be Saganworks. Simple, free and built on a community of 2,500 strong! Free for all users to consume content and create without bounds in the next dimension. 

So what does this mean for current and future users? We’ve put together an FAQ guide to help answer all your questions. 

Why has Saganworks decided to go free for all non-business users? 

From the beginning, our team has felt that Saganworks is an extremely effective platform to help consume and memorize content in a fun environment. We have always wanted Saganworks to be a safe haven from the distractions of the rest of the internet. By making Saganworks a free platform (both in membership and from ads), we feel like it’s in-line with our overall mission of helping everyone from everywhere think better. 

What about ads? Will they now be popping up inside Saganworks?

We are committed to Saganworks being an ad-free platform. We will not be selling your data to advertisers, nor do we want to clog the Saganworks experience with content that you don’t actually care about. 

What does Saganworks offer all users? 

All Saganworks users will have full access to the following:

  • 2GB of storage. 

That’s 2GB for you to store whatever you want. Whether that be your personal files or content that’s hosted elsewhere on the internet. We’ll be rolling out options for expanding storage soon. 

  • Saganworks Chrome Extension

We’ve made it really easy for users to bring in content from all over the internet into their Sagan. Whether it’s a recipe you saved for later or a video you made a mental note of to send to your brother, it’ll only take 10 seconds to get into your Sagan. Download it here

  • Unlimited Sagans.

Create as many Sagans as you want. Like dinosaurs, dentistry, and Diana Ross? You can make Sagans for all three. 

  • Connect Sagans / Add Hallways

This is a feature we’ve rolled out especially for this new direction. You’ll now be able to connect Sagans to each other if you need more than one Sagan to tell your story. 

  • Furniture Objects/ Customization

Currently, all furniture objects and customization options in Saganworks are free to use for all users. Whether it be a vintage coffee machine or a Grecian statue, our users can add whatever furniture Saganworks has available in its library to their Sagan. 

  • Unlimited Sharing

Our users put a lot of love into creating their Sagans. It’s only fair that they have the freedom to share their creations with whomever they want to – as many times as they want. Currently, our Sagans are shareable through email. We plan on continuously expanding the sharing capability and our community forum.

  • Explore Sagans

All users will be able to look through and copy any publicly available Explore Sagans into their map. Check a few out here!

Featured Sagan: The Henry Ford Entrepreneurship Sagan – Dive In!

What if I have already paid or am currently paying for a Saganworks Individual plan?

We have stopped all transactions for future recurring payments to the incumbent Saganworks Individual Plan. We’re also in the process of refunding all payments made by users to the Saganworks Individual Plan. If you have questions about payment, please contact our Customer Success team. 

What if I’m a business owner that wants to use Saganworks for my business? 

We have launched Saganworks for Business – a solution especially for businesses looking to increase, enhance and revolutionize their online engagement! To learn more about Saganworks for Business, view our dedicated page here


For all other questions, please contact us at [email protected] 

We’re excited with this new direction, and we hope all current and future users will continue to enjoy the platform and provide their feedback. 

With love, 

The Saganworks Team

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