October Product Update: Connect Your Worlds

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We’re rolling out another update! This time, we’ve added the ability for users to connect their Sagans, in case one Sagan just isn’t enough to express your love for Halloween. We’ve also gone completely free. Yes, that’s right, free. Read more to find out what’s new at Saganworks this month!

Hallway Connections: New Sagan Templates

We’re excited to launch a new templated Sagan, and even more excited to see how our users create and explore within these new virtual spaces. Choose from various Hallway templates, available in both Gallery and Workshop themes. Whether you’re setting the stage for your virtual yoga class, tattoo inspirations, baking recipes, or just want a theme that looks different from the others, our new templated Hallway Sagan is the solution! 

Explore these Sagans in the Community: Mama Wants A Tattoo, Beginner Yoga Poses, Baking Resources & More.

Did we miss something? Tell us what features you need & we’ll get to work! Go to our Community Forum to give us feedback on your experience and help us develop a product you’ll truly love.

The Bend & Snap: Connect Sagans in a Snap!

Whether you’re a builder on Saganworks or just someone who likes to tour our public Sagans for inspiration, the experience can make or break it. Now, you can connect different Sagans in your map view to enhance that experience for endless exploration.

Better Yet, Do It All For Free: Saganworks, Free Forever

Starting October 2020, we’re making our software even more accessible by becoming entirely free! That’s right, free! So what does this mean for you? We’ve put together an FAQ guide to help answer all your questions! Learn more about our free platform.

Saganworks for Business: Connect to your team or audience in a whole new way! Click here to learn how Saganworks can work for you!


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