• A2 Tech Trek 2020

A Recap on A2 Tech Trek 2020

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Thanks to everyone who joined us for Ann Arbor SPARK Virtual Tech and Student Treks on September 25, 2020. For those who missed it, we’ve got you covered.

Ann Arbor’s largest, public, tech-inspired event moved online for 2020. This year, leading technology companies “opened their doors” virtually by using video storytelling to showcase their innovations. Of the 50 locally based companies that participated in Tech Trek, Saganworks was one of them.

A few members of our team were able to show off our innovative 3D virtual platform to all registered participants. Of course, we opened our virtual doors to the community the best way we know how—with a Sagan!


“[Saganworks] completely flips the table with what we’re doing with information on the web” – Matt Grossman, Manager of Customer Success

“[Saganworks] is kind of like your Cloud Storage tools but with an innovative three-dimensional interface that you can create and arrange your media in any which way you need to…” – Ben Mazza, Senior Product Manager

Build. Explore. Share. All in 3D. Check out what real Saganworks users have built and shared with the Community. What would you create with an interactive 3D platform that has endless possibilities? 

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What we are bringing you from Saganworks will allow you to continue to experience the things you love even when unforeseen circumstances limit the physical experience: a walk through your favorite museum, a portfolio to prospect for your business, an educational space for your students, employees and for yourself, the list goes on.

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