Corp! Magazine – Serial Entrepreneur Creates New Platform that Promises to Evolve How Humans Experience Classrooms, Museums

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Originally published on Corp! Magazine. Read the full article here.

People have a hunger to be able to put their ideas into a three-dimensional space – a space where people can join them, walk through it together and collaborate. That’s essentially what Saganworks provides, on top of leveraging spatial organization and its role on memory. Our goal is to enable businesses and people to build endless 3D spaces for their knowledge and experiences: a portfolio, a gallery, a data room, a classroom and more. From there, you can share virtual rooms (called Sagans) with whomever you choose or publish your creations to the Community.

“We’re seeing people taking [Saganworks] into new directions that we never dreamed,” Saganworks CEO Don Hicks said. 

Where can you see Saganworks in action?

  • Schoolcraft College – thanks to Physics instructor Jesse Mason, who created an online learning center for his students
  • The Henry Ford – where viewers can dive in virtually and explore their special collections that have been resurfaced within a Sagan
  • JOOB Activewear Company – JOOB now has their Men’s line Sagan embedded onto their website – giving consumers the option to interact with clothing in a way that they’ve never done before.

Explore our recent feature in Corp! Magazine and learn how Saganworks is changing the game with how we experience classrooms and museums. Oh, and get a chance to meet our serial entrepreneur and CEO, Don Hicks.

Read the full Corp! Magazine featured article here.

Saganworks in Businesses
Pictured: Schoolcraft College Physics Sagan, The Henry Ford Entrepreneurship Sagan, JOOB Men’s Collection Sagan.

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