November Product Update: Ready, Set, Go!

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Whether you’re voting for the next President or for the next features to include in our Saganworks updates, we appreciate your voice! This month, we’ve added a few key features that our users have been asking for. Get a sneak peek at what’s coming this month to Saganworks! Ready, set, go!

Getting Started: Tutorials

Are you a new Saganworks user, or simply having trouble navigating through our platform? Let us introduce ourselves with a brand new tutorial that helps new users get the most out of Saganworks! Even better? The entire tutorial takes less than 5 minutes! 

Do you already have a Saganworks account, but feel like you need to ramp up your skills? No worries – you can access this same tutorial in your menu bar, or explore our User Forum to find tips and tricks that’ll make building and touring Sagans easy peasy, lemon squeezy. 

Saganworks Tutorial Intro
Pictured: Welcome to Saganworks Tutorial – required for every new user.

Set Your Start Locations

You’ve worked hard to build a jaw dropping Sagan – now let’s show it off! We’re introducing Start Locations, which will allow you to snap a cover image of your Sagan. But what does that mean exactly? Well, when you open your Sagan, the load screen will now have a thumbnail image of your Sagan when it’s first opened.. When you share your Sagan with friends, family or our Community, they’ll get an email invite with that same thumbnail image at the forefront. Lastly, and most importantly, your Start Location allows you and your viewers to start at that exact location. This helps guide them through your creation so they can experience it in all its glory. 

Be sure to go back to your old Sagan creations and add a Start Location!

Setting a Start Location: Go Vote!
Pictured: Go Vote! Sagan, setting it’s start location. Dive in and learn more about voting procedures, casting your ballot in-person or by mail, and other voting tips & tools. Also available in the Community.

All About the Views: Backgrounds

Goodbye dark abyss and hello beautiful nature views! At Saganworks, the attention is in the details, no matter how small. Next time you log in, check out your Gallery Sagan Templates for a new and improved view.

Gallery Sagan Views
Pictured: New outdoor scenery surrounding Gallery Sagan Templates.

Sagan Search Terms & Categories

Ever find yourself exploring the Community with public Sagans and asking, what’s this supposed to be about?! Well, we’ve added Sagan Search Terms and Categories, as well as descriptions that can help expand on what the Sagan is and what it is not. Soon enough, you’ll be able to find specific Sagans based on those categories and tags! Stay tuned for more details in the upcoming Product Updates.

Sagan Search Terms
Pictured: Customize your Sagan description and search terms.

Coming Soon…

If you’re like us, this shutdown has made those four walls in your home feel like they’re caving in. Coming soon…Barn Templates! Of course, they’ll be in all sizes from a hallway Sagan to a large Sagan and everything in between. 

Barn Sagan Templates
Pictured: Barn Large Sagan Template. Coming to production soon!

A Sneak Peek at our Business Solutions

We’ve partnered with a local favorite, Blue LLama Jazz Club to recreate their iconic stage through a custom Saganworks build! This is just one example of how we can turn a 2D business into an immersive 3D experience. More details coming soon! 

Business Solutions Blue LLama Jazz Club
Pictured: A custom virtual build of the Blue LLama Jazz Club.

Did we miss something? Tell us what features you need & we’ll get to work! Go to our User Forum to give us feedback on your experience and help us develop a product you’ll truly love.

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What we are bringing you from Saganworks will allow you to continue to experience the things you love even when unforeseen circumstances limit the physical experience: a walk through your favorite museum, a portfolio to prospect for your business, an educational space for your students, employees and for yourself, the list goes on.

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