The Art of Simplicity In A Digital World

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Our minds are constantly overstimulated — from work, social media and general adulthood responsibilities — and navigating the stressors that come from these areas of our lives is increasingly messy. So, how do you calm your mind? How do you practice the art of simplicity across the internet? We have some thoughts that might help!

Slowing Down

While the world may constantly move, that doesn’t mean we need to constantly absorb. It’s perfectly acceptable for us to take a piece of information and think on it. We do this all the time, whether it’s a big decision like purchasing a home or something smaller like bookmarking an article that you’re not quite ready to delve into yet. So, how do we slow things down without missing a beat?

A Few Tips From The Team At Saganworks: 

  • Bookmark that page and come back to it later – don’t give something energy if you aren’t ready to fully take it in and process it afterward
  • Take a mental note to come back to that later – or never
  • Organize your chaotic thoughts, process, and web experience with more meaning, more intention
  • Use the power of technology to remove unnecessary stressors. Tech may seem like a deterrent, but there’s a reason we’re in this new digital age and there’s a balance that technology can help enforce. Whether a podcast, a tool, or another form of content, technology can aid you in adopting tech to deconstruct the chaos that is life – what a concept, right?!

Pictured: Use technology to reimagine your workspace and to declutter your life.

Listening To Ourselves & Knowing Our Limits

If there’s one thing 2020 has shown us, it’s that when something crazy and seemingly uncontrollable happens in the world, it’s really easy to get swept up in the chaos, leaving us to feel overwhelmed with op-eds galore or content we’re just trying to make sense of. But what about processing this information-overload at our own pace?

No two people process information the exact same way. We’re trying to normalize the idea of processing information and knowledge at your own individual pace – and in doing so, help you find a unique and personalized way to calm your own mind while browsing the web.

So how do you listen to your inner voice and know your limits? One more time for the people in the back: 

Normalize. Processing. Information. At. Your. Own. Pace. 

Set it down, come back to it later – or never, your call. You’ll be amazed at how much this mindful act simplifies the busy internet that is our lives. 

Adding Some Fun Back Into The Internet

We are constantly pressured to produce, to react, to make an impact…that’s great but it doesn’t have to be that way 100% of the time. We can have a little fun on the internet, while slowing down, while creating space and while focusing on simplicity. 

Adding a little gamification to your web sessions – use spatial arrangements to organize your knowledge online. We’re big fans of applying context to content – not only is it fun, but it’s personalized to you and how you process information. 

At Saganworks, we’ve developed a platform to not only house your knowledge, but to array and “come back to” at your fingertips. We’re here for all the ways you might use us, you weirdos. 

Pictured: A user created 3D virtual space, acting as their mood board for all things pink! Sagan titled – Mood in Color: Pink

Simplify your scrolling experience, retain and recall knowledge easier, and have a little fun while you’re at it. We can’t wait to see how you leverage technology to simplify your life, streamline your thoughts and add a little fun back to the web.

Check out some of the creative ways our users have been adopting Saganworks to simplify their day to day. Don’t worry, you don’t need an account to dive into these stellar Sagans.

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