December Product Update: Bring the Outdoors In!

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We’re finishing the year off strong by releasing one last product update to give Saganworks users the features and accessibility they’ve been looking for. Bring the outdoors in by building a space with our new virtual rooms, make the most of your content with our Business Solutions, and stay up to date with all things happening at Saganworks so you never miss a beat!

NEW 3D Rooms To Get You Started

With so many possibilities for how you can incorporate your business and your content into Saganworks, it’s important to have a canvas that can help drive that message home. We’re excited to release three completely different virtual spaces to help get you started! From a barn yard rodio to sippin’ lakeside, we’ve got you covered! Our Beach Sagan is the largest room yet!

Outdoor Forest Sagan, Beach Sagan (empty), and Barn Sagan (empty). Create an account to build your first Sagan with one of these new 3D rooms.

NEW Furniture Objects (FOs): Breakfast In Bed?

Winter is coming, and with that comes food comas followed by long naps to recharge. With this in mind, you can now add beds and even more food to your Sagans! Recreate your bedroom, immerse yourself in a 3D kitchen with all of your favorite dishes, share a space dedicated to making the best breakfast in bed and so much more! Get creative with Saganworks.

New Furniture Objects (FOs) to help customize your 3D immersive experience, powered by Saganworks.

Embed Features: Business Solutions

While we’ve made most of our top features accessible to all users for free, there’s one tool we’ve kept close to our hearts – embeddable Sagans with anonymous viewing. Now that you’ve built your 3D immersive experience through Saganworks, now what? If you’re part of our Business Solutions, you can embed your 3D business on your website, a landing page, or even in a blog article. The advantage? A new way for customers to experience and engage with your content, as well as a way to stand out from your competitors. Need we say more? We’d rather show you instead. Explore our embed tool in action!

New Features Coming In The New Year

2021 will usher in many new initiatives including deeper Sagan customization, a better file management interface, and many new ways to discover and share your Sagans. Subscribe for updates to be the first in the know! Have suggestions for what you’d like to see in 2021? Leave a comment on our Forum.

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