How To Generate Leads with 3D Virtual Marketing Tools

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The benefits of adopting 3D virtual technology as a marketing and sales tool is forever growing. Tailor a virtual experience to a specific target audience and guide them through the buyer’s journey, while transforming your business or product into something more accessible and memorable.

Now, that’s A LOT to say. Let us back it up with how our Business Solution partners and free small business users who are currently embracing Saganworks as a marketing tool:

Give Prospects A 3D Immersive Experience

Potential leads can walk through your 3D virtual store from the comfort of their home on their desktop, or buy your latest products from the palm of their hands via a mobile device. Gamify your conversion marketing with Saganworks.

Retail company, JOOB Activewear, uses their 3D virtual store to guide their online customers through the buyer’s journey, by providing all necessary information on each individual product with an interactive virtual experience.

Communicate Brand Awareness
People remember stories, not bullet points. Create an immersive experience to share that story. The majority of us process information based on what we see. In fact, 65% of us are visual or spatial learners, and will retain information better when it’s presented in an interactive visual format.

The Henry Ford partnered with Saganworks to create over 170 custom 3D digitized artifacts for their virtual exhibit centered around the story of entrepreneurship. People will have the opportunity to view photographs, documents, and digital content from collections such as the H.J. Heinz Collection, Label Collection, and the Gutman Diner Collection. 

LLamasoft’s Global Impact Team leverages 3D Immersive Experiences to tell their stories around their mission, lives impacted, and how others can support their cause to  bring their tools and supply chain expertise to bear for the greater good.

Distribute Lead Generation Content

What classifies as lead generation content? Depending on your business or industry, it could be e-books, infographics, podcasts, blog articles, or other outlets for further conversion. You and your team have spent enough time as it is creating those marketing assets, now it’s time to make some lemonade. Import your content into Saganworks and give prospective leads a variety of opportunities to engage with your content, all while in 3D. Or, give your blog articles a boost by embedding a 3D immersive experience for them to interact with.

But how will those potential leads find your 3D virtual space on the ever-growing, ever-changing abyss of the internet? You can either share your room with individual contacts directly from the Saganworks app, or you can embed your space on your website or blog for organic and paid traffic. Social media sharing coming soon! 

Ultimately, the marketing is up to you. But you can use Saganworks as another marketing tool and platform to help generate attention & buzz, as well as high value marketing leads!

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