How To Give A Sales Pitch In 3D

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As the market becomes even more competitive, it’s important for every business to spice up their sales pitch. Drive sales, deliver your message, and create immersive presentations for your next sales pitch with Saganworks.

Saganworks as a 3D Sales & Marketing Tool

Virtual selling channels can transform sales performance and accelerate growth exponentially. Give yourself and your business an edge by adopting the latest advancements in 3D virtual technology. Don’t believe us? See it in action!

Business Example — Sales Pitch & Value Proposition

Properly communicating your business’s value proposition is arguably one of the most important elements of your entire messaging. Unfortunately, many businesses struggle to clearly differentiate themselves from their competition. What better way to grab a prospect’s attention than through an engaging, 3D immersive experience? Present your sales pitch, reimagine your sales technique, and clearly define your value proposition through Saganworks. Dive in below to explore a templated example.

Communicate the value of your company or product with a 3D immersive experience. Use furniture objects to really drive the message home!

Blue LLama Jazz Club — Brand Awareness Marketing & Lead Generation

Take your customers on a journey with 3D virtual spaces that can be tailored to guide your audience from the top to the bottom of your marketing funnel. It’s entirely dependent on what you showcase in this immersive experience and how you choose to market with it. 

Get Started: Building Brand Awareness with Saganworks

  • Pull in your business’ blog articles, e-books, infographics, podcasts, etc. As visitors view and interact with your 3D content, they’ll be directed back to your site to convert or navigate further.
  • If you partner with our Business Solutions, we can recreate your physical jazz club, restaurant, office, retail outlet, tradeshow, gallery, wedding venue, etc. into a custom virtual 3D immersive experience. 
    • Better yet, you can embed it on your website or blog! Imagine how many 3D spaces you could tailor to each specific audience or blog topic. The options are endless! 

Get Started: Closing Your Sales Funnel with Saganworks

  • Get your sales qualified leads to take action! Depending on your business, this might look like an online purchase, a form conversion, or booking a meeting or appointment. Include these details in your 3D store, or dedicate an entire room to closing the deal. 
    • Pro Tip: Connect various 3D rooms to help the visitor navigate from one experience to the next, or one half of the funnel to the other.

A virtual rendition of the Ann Arbor Michigan jazz club, Blue LLama Jazz Club. Showcases a Saganworks Business Solutions partnership, providing a custom 3D club with a stage and exclusive furniture objects: Miles Davis “Moon & Stars” Trumpet, Grand Piano, Drumset.

Saganworks is the future of virtual presentations. WHAT and HOW you choose to create in our immersive 3D web-based platform is entirely up to you. For inspiration, explore our featured Sagans.

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