How to Host A Virtual Art Show

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Virtual art shows in the age of pandemics. Whether you’re an artist with a small business or a museum with rotating exhibits, you need an online platform that allows your audience to immerse themselves in your work or the works of others. So, how can you bring your content online for a virtual art show or exhibition? We’ll show you how with Saganworks.

Saganworks in Action: Host A Virtual Art Show

We’ll let the art do the talking. Click below to dive into some examples of virtual galleries, museums and exhibits powered by Saganworks: 

The Henry Ford’s Virtual Exhibit — Entrepreneurship Collection

Highlights some of the work the museum has done through the William Davidson Foundation Initiative for Entrepreneurship, which focuses on providing resources and encouragement for the entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow. With over 170 digitized artifacts within the virtual space, visitors will have the opportunity to view photographs, documents, and digital content from collections such as the H.J. Heinz Collection, Label Collection, and the Gutman Diner Collection, to name a few. 

The Henry Ford Entrepreneurship Exhibit is a custom Business Solutions engagement: custom templated room, custom 3D objects, embeddable feature on website.

Learn how The Henry Ford created their 3D virtual museum with Saganworks.

Cherie Haney Virtual Metal Art Gallery: Art & Element

Local artist, Cherie Haney showcases her outstanding metal work with Saganworks.  Visitors are invited to walk around, view the artworks and image galleries of installations, and find out more about her process.

Art & Element Exhibit was made through our general free services. To make your own and get started, create an account.

Virtual Museums Created by Saganworks Users

Our Saganworks community is just over 3,000 strong! As it continues to grow, so do the incredible creations that they publish and share. When the museums didn’t offer an alternative, our users created their own (entirely for free). Create an account to explore these virtual museums in Saganworks!

The Artwork of Vincent Van Gogh | The Louvre: Selected Works Collection | Whitney Museum of American Art | MoMA: Man Ray | National Museum of African American History and Culture | Detroit Institute of Arts | Cleveland Museum of Art | And so many more!

Take Your Exhibits to the Next Dimension: Host in 3D

Saganworks allows you to recreate your gallery in a 3D immersive web-based platform, where you can import all of your works in a variety of formats, from videos and images to documents and pdfs, then invite your audience to explore!

While in-person art shows may be cancelled for a while, guests can still experience virtual exhibits from the comfort of their couch. 

Where other virtual art exhibition platforms lack, Saganworks thrives. Through our tool, you can host an exclusive private art showing by inviting your guests via email to dive in and consume your work, or embed your virtual museum on your website or blog for any visitor to explore.

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