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With millions of people hunting for a job, having a resume that stands out from the competition is an absolute must. Does one sheet of paper truly reflect all of your greatness? Probably not. While a resume and cv are common, dazzle it up with a whole new interactive experience that’s sure to knock a recruiter’s socks off! Here’s how you can make your resume stand out online:

Gamify Your Resume with Saganworks!
Depending on your industry, hosting your own personal website that reflects your resume in more depth is a valuable addition (if not required) for most applications. However, what if you could take it a step further? Invite your future employer to dive in, fully immerse, and thoroughly explore your resume like never before. Unpack your work experience, skills, certifications, awards, education, interests, personality and so much more, all in 3D!

Recorded Saganworks webinar where we take a 2D, one sheet resume and transform it into an interactive 3D immersive experience that can be shared via a link or directly in the Saganworks app. Social platform sharing coming soon – imagine posting something like this on your LinkedIn!

3 Tips to Building Your First Virtual Resume Walkthrough
This is the fun part, and where your personality can really shine. With Saganworks as your tool, you have full creative freedom! You can even tailor a 3D room to fit in line with whatever role you’re applying for. But first, read up on our blog article, 5 Tips to Getting Started in Saganworks. This will give you the tools you need to build your virtual resume faster and easier.

By all means, build however you see fit. There’s no one way to use Saganworks. But if you need a little help getting started, here’s a few tips from the team on how to best map out your 3D immersive resume experience.

1) Frame It & Build Off of It

One of the unique features in Saganworks are our furniture objects (FOs). Chairs, couches, bookshelves, tables, statues, plants, artwork, sports equipment, etc. are all excellent ways you can customize your 3D portfolio to your style, mood, and interests. Using these objects to frame and map out your space is a great starting point, especially when you are still gathering all of your outside content (ie. resume pdf, logo images, promotional videos, etc.). 

FOs can be used in a variety of ways: displaying & storing your outside content and/or enhancing your brand, identity, themes. A passion for world travel, art history, sports? Tailor your immersive resume to highlight those passions, hobbies, and interests: a globe of the world, a statue of Nefertiti, a tennis racket, and more!

Pro Tip: Bookshelves are one of the most efficient ways of displaying your files, without drawing attention away from more important categories that you want to highlight. 

2) Customize Your Content

As a technology startup, we’re rolling out product updates on a regular basis. While text and paint customization is on the roadmap, here are some ways you can create stellar content right now to make your resume really POP:

    • Highlight The Most Important Content 

Just like writing out your one sheet resume, there are certain categories worth showcasing more than others. Luckily, with Saganworks, you have plenty of room to unpack your most meaningful content. Check out these resources to figure out which subjects employers are looking for most in a resume (and in a resume walkthrough):

You can also customize the space based on the specific role or industry you’re applying for. Based on the requirements and qualifications that the job is looking for, tailor your virtual 3D immersive environment to focus on those strengths.

    • Edit Images: Transparent Backgrounds 

Whether it’s a logo, custom text in a branded font or a fun graphic, having a transparent background can make your content stand out. You can remove backgrounds of any image for free through Canva or other photo editing platforms. 

    • Adjust File Names & Sizes

You want your 3D virtual walkthrough of your resume to be as polished and professional as possible. To do so, be sure to save your files (images, videos, documents, pdfs, presentations) under the correct file name. This will be visible to your audience when they interact with your content.

We’re happy to say that every user has access to 2GB of storage in their free Saganworks account! To make sure you don’t eat up your bandwidth, be sure to adjust the file size or crop your images so your resume will load swiftly.

3) Create a Great Experience for Employers

It’s the worst when you click a link and find yourself on a random page, unsure of where to even begin. In Saganworks, you can set your Start Location so every employer can begin at the exact location of your choosing.

Pro Tip: Use FOs (rugs, lights, plants) to help create a general flow for the employer to navigate and tour through your resume. Alternatively, you can upload an image of an arrow and literally point them in the right direction by placing the arrows on the floor or walls. Get creative!

Create Your Own 3D Interactive Resume Walkthrough

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