How to Create a Virtual Classroom

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Remote learning can feel impersonal, inaccessible, and at times insufficient. However, there are ways to help students and teachers feel more connected during these uncertain times. Creating an inclusive virtual classroom that empowers students to be creative, resourceful, and innovative is a good starting point. But how? We’ll explore how teachers are encouraging remote learning through an immersive 3D learning hub, powered by Saganworks.

A 3D Virtual Classroom At Your Fingertips

Gamify your classroom with Saganworks. Create 3D rooms dedicated to each class, subject, project, student, etc. Once you have your virtual classroom built and ready to share, send your entire class a link via email to dive in and view your unique space. Because we’re a free app, your students can create an account and build their own virtual rooms to share with their peers or to turn in projects and presentations.

A deep dive into teaching remotely with Saganworks.

Explore how current users are wielding Saganworks as a remote learning tool:

A Physics Classroom In 3D

Schoolcraft College professor Jesse Mason started using Saganworks for his PHYS 182 class, and has been bringing the power of 3D to other classrooms, peers, and institutions ever since.

Check out his YouTube series (with a whopping 81.2K subscribers!) to learn more about his journey of creating the world’s first 3D virtual classroom!

A Virtual Learning Hub
Vroom, a global program of the Bezos Family Foundation, helps parents boost their child’s learning. They’ve paired their mission with our technology to create an immersive 3D learning hub, where kids of all ages can expand their knowledge of the arts, mathematics, space, and more! 

What Else Can Saganworks Do?

Everything. Explore and walk through some of our coolest 3D immersive experiences, or get in inspired by viewing the Community while in the app.

Need More? Consider Saganworks for Your District or University

While our app is entirely free for users, we do offer something a little extra for those who want to take their business to the next dimension! Whether you need custom templated rooms, unique 3D objects, new content for marketing, or just some assistance along the way, we have the solution: Saganworks Business Solutions

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