How to Create the Perfect Travel Itinerary in 3 Steps

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A good itinerary gives any trip some much needed structure, and helps navigate your way from the top must see spots in the city to the hidden gems you never want to miss out on! Though it seems like a daunting task, a travel itinerary is simple to develop. Here’s a few tips to get started!

Step 1: Collect the Bare Necessities

First and foremost, decide where you want to travel. Then, start researching how you’ll get there and where your home base will be. These could include:

  • Travel dates
  • Flight information
  • Hotels
  • Transportation – car rentals, bus system, etc.
  • Budget 

Step 2: Map Out Your Must See Stops

Now that you have the basics down, take inventory of what there is to do. The possibilities are endless, but each location has their fan favorites. Here are a few things consider:

  • Restaurants
  • Sightseeing Landmarks 
  • National Parks
  • Shopping

Step 3: Plan, Plan, Plan!

Dates are outlined, flight is booked, hotel reserved, and now it’s a matter of booking those tours, securing a reservation at the best restaurant in town, and making a set plan. 

Even though your plans are now settled, you’ll still need to be able to access this information on the go so you never miss a beat! That’s where Saganworks can be your one stop guide, a modern travel planning tool customized just for you. Dive in and check out how one of our users planned their trip to Seattle & Portland with a 3D immersive travel itinerary.

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