How The Museum Industry Can Still Thrive In An Online World

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One of the world’s oldest museums dates back to 530 BC, but that doesn’t mean the technology has to. In fact, museums today are remodeling their existing structure and approach to art by incorporating modern technology to not just improve exhibitions but to enhance the entire experience.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many museums finally transformed into an entirely virtual experience. These new online offerings are creating ways for the public to experience their collections and spaces like never before! While it’s impossible to know the exact amount of museums that have invested in an accessible, digital experience, we can see the impact: Google’s 2020 Year In Search revealed that “virtual museum tours” was one of the top searches.

Virtual museum tours offer more benefits than just hopping on board the latest trend. In fact, some of the key perks to integrating an online gallery or museum include:

  • Location and time is no longer a problem. Whereas, in brick and mortar establishments, visitors are often limited to a specific window of time to explore, and often feel rushed and unable to enjoy all of the museum’s collections.
  • Access to more visitors, digitally. That’s right – by incorporating a virtual museum experience, your audience just went up by 4.66 billion people (who have access to internet, globally)
  • Get to know your audience. Run marketing campaigns with social media advertisements to target specific audiences based on interests and other valuable data. That way you know what content interests who, so your museum is always top of mind for the museum go-er both in person and online.
  • Let the people market for you. When museums expand their audience and make their collections more accessible to the masses, people will take it upon themselves to promote and market specific exhibits or the museum at large. This allows museums to generate new tight-knit virtual communities. Make sure they can easily share your content on social media! One click and you’ve grown your reach without spending a dime. 
  • More education and entertainment opportunities. When an individual is allowed to tour and explore at their own pace and with the freedom to start, stop, and go back to whichever exhibition is of most interest, that person is given a custom, tailored experience that they wouldn’t be able to get in a physical visit to the museum.
  • Display more collections and bring back favorites from the archives. A virtual experience allows museums and galleries to showcase more content at once. Curators are no longer limited to fitting their collections into a physical space. In fact, this provides opportunities for curators to showcase exhibits that wouldn’t have made it to the floor otherwise.

Great, so those are some of the key benefits of implementing a virtual museum experience. Now, you’re probably wondering “how much does it cost?” Depending on the tool and platform you choose to host your online exhibit, it can cost thousands of dollars. The benefits have a way of outweighing the cost, but the tool is the key money saver. 

That’s where Saganworks comes in. We provide 3D immersive experiences (3D-IE) tailored to your virtual museum and gallery. You want to digitize your artifacts into 3D interactive objects? We’ve got you. You want to have endless content that’ll drive viewers to your website? Say no more. You want a totally custom experience to stomp out your competition? We’ve got the solution. Check out what Saganworks can build for you!

The Henry Ford partnered with Saganworks to create over 170 custom 3D digitized artifacts for their virtual exhibit centered around the story of entrepreneurship. People will have the opportunity to view photographs, documents, and digital content from collections such as the H.J. Heinz Collection, Label Collection, and the Gutman Diner Collection. 

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