Why Marketing in 3D is the Winning Marketing Strategy of Today

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3D technology is changing the game for marketers across industries, and has quickly become an integral part of any digital marketing strategy (and for good reason).  As the buyer’s journey and their behavior evolves, brands need to find innovative ways to give these prospective customers a frictionless, fulfilling experience. 

With 3D marketing tools, you can tell your brand story in a new, immersive way, anywhere and on any device or platform. Brands often use these tools to allow customers to explore products and services through a virtual environment that ultimately shortens the buying cycle and generates more confident, satisfied customers (that turn into evangelists).

But what really is 3D marketing? In short, “3D marketing adds a 3-dimensional, interactive, layer to a regular 2D advertisement or website.” You’ll likely see it in action via 3D realistic models of a product, which provides new opportunities for brands to demonstrate how products truly work. As a result, this limits the growing challenge for any business – buyer’s remorse. 

What are the key benefits of integrating 3D into any marketing strategy? Regardless of industry, there are a few core benefits of establishing a strong 3D element to any advertisement, marketing campaign, or website interface. Here are a few of the basics:

  • Customers Can Be Fully Immersed
    It may be 2021, but 2D media still has its limits when it comes to capturing potential customers’ attention. Creative designers can only do so much – add sound, animation, exciting graphics – it still can’t fully immerse the audience. Whereas, that’s where 3D marketing thrives.
  • It Helps Companies Stand Out From The Crowd
    Stand out from the crowd, attract more customers and increase revenue, new we say more? While 3D is ever growing, there are a variety of tools and opportunities to utilize 3D into your day-to-day marketing content. Grab prospects’ attention by giving them an innovative, frictionless experience that they can navigate through at their convenience.
  • Brings Products And Services To Life With 3D Modeling
    One of the most prominent challenges marketers face is communicating the product’s value, features and function in a way that is tailored to the customer. This challenge is even more exaggerated when it comes to online shopping and the retail industry. 3D modeling is used to give these prospects confidence in the product or service they are signing up for, limit buyer’s remorse, and generate inbound marketing channels to push through the buyer’s journey and process.
  • 3D Marketing Saves Money In The Long Run
    It’s no wonder 3D marketing is such a trend, as it has a direct effect on customer satisfaction and ensures high ROI in the short term (and even more so in the long term). As more people make their way online and social media platforms continue to rise, adopting a powerful virtual 3D marketing component isn’t just smart, but is necessary to keep your revenue and your budget intact. You best get on board now, before prices start to rise and the investment becomes outside of your reach.

Now, those are just some of the benefits that can impact any industry. Let’s break down a few ways various industries can tackle their bottom line with 3D marketing tools

  • Share Your Brand Story. While video continues to play an integral role in communicating a brand’s story, services and products, 3D allows those businesses to take it to another level (or dimension). Museums, galleries, real estate firms, tour agencies and higher education organizations are adopting interactive virtual tours and immersive storytelling to attract, connect and engage with their customers in new and eye-catching ways.

LLamasoft’s Global Impact Team leverages 3D Immersive Experiences to tell their stories around their mission, lives impacted, and how others can support their cause to  bring their tools and supply chain expertise to bear for the greater good.

  • Highlight Product Demos. When customers are able to interact with a product through a virtual experience, brands can help those customers feel more confident in their purchases. Depending on the industry, this can also allow businesses to demonstrate how products function and clearly connect their value and benefits, all while in 3D. Technology companies, online retailers, medical technology toolkits, and more can all find value in marketing their product demos in 3D.

Non-branded immersive outdoor example, showcasing how businesses can digitize their products into 3D virtual objects for prospective customers to engage with. Selling recreational equipment? Just imagine how your products will look in 3D!

  • Give Assistance For Sales Support. We all know that it takes many touch points for a prospect to move through the funnel and find themselves at Sales. Even after the prospect converts into a lead or customer, there will always be the after-sales product support costs, also known as customer support. In an effort to limit this and make it more efficient and accessible for the customer, why not create an immersive environment dedicated to product merchandising or visual instructions to help aid this customer and provide a thorough experience? That’s one of the ways 3D marketing can come into play.

Retail company, JOOB Activewear, uses their 3D virtual store to guide their online customers through the buyer’s journey, by providing all necessary information on each individual product with an interactive virtual experience and easy outlets for making a purchase.

The future is 3D. It’s only a matter of time before 3D becomes the norm. Embracing 3D technology now as an early adopter will get you and your business ahead of the competition. If not for attracting new customers, adopt this technology to strengthen the relationships you have with current customers and give them the opportunity to market for you by becoming an evangelist for your business. If this article was the tipping point for you, your next step is to do some research and find the 3D tool that works for your bottom line. Now, we may be a bit biased, but 3D immersive experiences are what we do best. Learn more about our product, discover how your business can benefit from our embeddable technology tailored to your website, and explore some of the other projects we’ve had over the years.

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