SaganWorld 2021: Inaugural User Conference

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It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we launched and we wanted to celebrate in style. On May 6 & 7, 2021 we held our first ever inaugural user conference! We wanted to host an event that allowed our users and other curious minds alike to get in on the ground floor with all things Saganworks. Our two day event included 1:1 workshops, conversations with Saganworks product leaders, and special guest speakers.

While the Saganworks team shared exciting features and opportunities for the app, guest speakers Jesse Mason, Serena Riley, Ellice Engdahl and Alison Campbell spoke more about their experiences using Saganworks for education, brand awareness, storytelling, and curation.

Jesse Mason, a professor at Henry Ford College and Schoolcraft College, had immediate interest in piloting Saganworks for his Physics course. While the pandemic made in-person teaching difficult, Jesse turned to our technology to create a virtual classroom for his students. Not just that, but he challenged his students to create their own spaces to deliver their projects and assignments. He discusses his process and methods for integrating this kind of experience into any curriculum. 

Serena Riley, a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) and international best-selling author, spoke about her ability to communicate brand within a Sagan, as well as the intended experience for your audience. 

Ellice Engdahl, Digital Collections & Content Manager at The Henry Ford, dove into her experience creating a custom exhibit as part of the William Davidson Foundation Initiative for Entrepreneurship. The Henry Ford partnered with Saganworks to create over 170 custom 3D digitized artifacts for their virtual exhibit centered around the story of entrepreneurship. 

Lastly, Alison Campbell, of the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History (UMMNH),  discussed the design, building, and launch of the “Whale Evolution: From Land to Sea” exhibit that enabled the museum’s patrons to experience fossilized whale skeletons in a 3D immersive experience, powered by Saganworks.

If you missed SaganWorld 2021, don’t worry. We’ve recorded and stored our entire conference from start to finish in none other than a Sagan! Jump in and explore, interact, and create a free account to build your own!

Note that while the audio for the in-person folks was the best in Michigan, our recording is a little lackluster. We’re working on improving this going forward!

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