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Saganworks just partnered with our friends, Blue LLama Jazz Club and JOOB Activewear, to open a brand new pop up marketplace right in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan. Now open – Saganworks Labs!

“We hope Saganworks Labs can be a place for people to gather, share experiences, explore new technologies and browse local pop up shops. Come in and view a real Mesopotamian Cuneiform, a 1300 year-old Roman Mosaic, a genuine Patrick Hughes Reverspective painting, and then see how they look on one of our 65” monitors in the Saganworks app,” says Brad Torreano, Creative Director at Saganworks.

Pictured: Gallery of various artifacts, modern art, and more! 

Saganworks Labs is a hybrid physical and digital experience that showcases the history of knowledge and visual-spatial thinking juxtaposed with cutting edge technology and a gourmet cafe, all under one roof.

Guests can walk through and consume historic artifacts dating back to 2000 BC or purchase products from Blue LLama Jazz Club and JOOB Activewear. Not just that, but visitors can partake in delicious crispy pastries and freshly brewed espresso as part of the pop up, Blue LLama Cafe.

We’ve worked with the Blue LLama Jazz Club in the past, creating a custom 3D virtual replica of their immaculate jazz club and fine dining restaurant. The Blue LLama Cafe will be their third pop up since the start of the pandemic, and will operate out of Saganworks Labs. The Cafe features signature desserts and pastries paired with a custom LLama espresso blend. *A single shot of espresso is on the house for those who download the Saganworks app!

“When Saganworks presented us with a space just across the street, we wanted to give a casual grab-and-go cafe experience that would specialize in rich espresso and fluffy pastries,” says Louis Goral, Executive Chef at Blue LLama Jazz Club. 

Pictured: Blue LLama Cafe pastry assortment, espresso blend, and Blue LLama Jazz Club merchandise.

We also sought to partner with our longtime friends at JOOB Activewear to help showcase their incredible sustainable products and provide an outlet for their first ever physical store location.

“Being able to have a physical presence in the local community where we started our online brand is so amazing,” says John Ames, Co-Founder of JOOB Activewear, “and tieing that into the 3D experience with Saganworks – where you can actually take the store home with you on your phone and virtually tour the store – is really cool.” 

Pictured: JOOB Activewear products, women’s 100% recycled PET tie tank and men’s sun hoodie, caps, packs, and more. As well as the JOOB Sagan, an alternative ecommerce experience.

For more information about Saganworks Labs and the various local partners collaborating in the space, go to https://get.saganworks.com/saganworks-labs. Or, come down and visit us at 309 S. Main St. Ann Arbor, Michigan!

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