Knowledge is boundless and powerful.

The easier it is to find and share our knowledge, the more useful it becomes. And the more likely we are to make new connections and discoveries that can improve our lives, our communities, and the world at large.

What makes us tick

We’re on a journey to help humanity build out the sum total of its knowledge in pursuit of an open, sustainable future for all.

Your data belongs to you

Saganworks is a platform for people who care about privacy and the value of the knowledge they create. Your information is not a product to be analyzed or sold.

We’re here for the long term

Knowledge unfolds over years – and across generations. So will Saganworks. As technologies evolve, Saganworks will be there to deepen and extend the ways you preserve and pass on your knowledge.

We care about kindness, honesty, and integrity

Our platform may not be used to promote or condone hatred, disinformation, violence, exploitation, or discrimination of any kind.

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