Get Into Your Knowledge

Welcome to Saganworks, a spatial organization platform for your content.

What is a Sagan?

You’ve got the content, we’ve got the space

A Sagan takes all the things you recognize, combines them in unique fashion and delivers them on demand.

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What does the SAGAN stand for?


The method of loci brought to your professional life.


All of your content across all platforms in one place; accessed upon entry.


Stimulate your viewers, engage your employees, elevate your brand presence.


Store, manage and organize your content, no matter how new or old.


Immerse yourself in knowledge and organize the natural way.

How does it work?

Drag and drop all of your content into your cloud storage. Or use our chrome extension for easier importingy

Add context to your space and personalize it to your liking

Send the space and all content to your staff, customers, prospects - anyone!

Create a universe of knowledge accessible to all you choose, while leveraging our library of Sagans

What can I do with it

Add a 3D virtual experience to learning

  • Engage students or employees to learn more effectively
  • Gamify the learning process
  • Automate and enhance self-guided training processes
  • Search and organize employee skills more effectively

Bring a new dimension to your data

  • Bring focus and prioritization to data rooms
  • Aggregate critical data channels for decision making
  • Create a virtual KPI collaboration hub
  • Store, manage and organize archived content

Give your customers something more

  • Enable a new way to experience what your business offers
  • Develop guided tours for your customers

Tell your brand’s story

  • Show what matters to you and why
  • Share insights into foundations of your business and brand

The use cases are endless – what's yours?

Done for you or
do it yourself.

Let's get more info so we can start building!

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