A New Way To Share

Share Your Life How You Want,
Not By Others’ Standards

Millions of people dislike mainstream social sharing platforms but have used them to curate their memories for the last 10+ years. Saganworks is a data-ethical alternative that you can use to house all of that content rather than leaving it in a zip file on your computer.

Photo albums are tough to share.

Walk your family and friends through an album of memories unlike anything else. A living legacy that they can keep close.

Share your passions with a choice few

You’re one of a kind and so are your interests! Get creative and customize your space to your liking.

Build Your Own Library of Knowledge

Whether it’s a replica of your favorite library, or your own personal memory palace – share what matters to you most.

Share Your Way

Send to individual contacts directly via email, or make your space entirely public. Coming soon - sharing your Sagan on social media with a URL!

Publish to the Community

Put your publisher’s hat on and share your creation with our entire Saganworks user community.

Special (free) Delivery!

Recipients of your shared Sagans can view your content free of charge.

Parental Controls

Coming soon on our Family Plan, an opportunity for children to build their own spaces under supervision and parental controls.

Share With Meaning

Place your memories where you want them, and share how you see fit.

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