Your brand, your story.

Organize and archive everything from 3D models, images, articles, videos, and any other relevant company information into your Sagan. Customize your immersive environment to serve your business needs.

Publish in 3D.

With Saganworks, you can create and publish a 3D immersive experience directly to your website. Leave your audience with a lasting impression of their interactions with your business.

Train and learn differently.

The future of learning is increasingly virtual. Add in spatial organization and customization to create an engaging and memorable learning environment for your organization, institution, sales team - you name it.

Who uses Saganworks?

Everyone, no joke. From creators to businesses and everyone in between, our community of Saganworks users are selling their products, training their employees, teaching their students, telling their brand story, displaying their artworks and even honoring their favorite memes. Whatever your passion may be, you can turn it into an immersive experience with Saganworks. Oh, and did we mention that the platform is web-based? That means everything you create stays yours without taking up space on your device.

How does it work?

Add furniture to house your knowledge and personalize your space to your liking.

Drag and drop, browser extensions, integrated cloud drives - multiple ways to import your stuff

Make your room public or invite just a few inside (or keep to yourself!)

Access all of your rooms, plus hundreds of public community spaces

Take your knowledge with you!

We’ve customized the Saganworks experience to fit into the palm of your hands.Create, organize, and explore – all while being on-the-go.

Download the Saganworks Chrome Web Extension

We make it super easy for people to bring in content from all over the internet into their Sagan. Download the extension and start curating!


Ready to Get Started?

Get in there and experience us for yourself - no payment required to learn what we’re all about.