The world isn't flat; why does your virtual experience have to be?

With Saganworks, it doesn't.

Your Stuff. Your Room.
Your World.

We’re taking it up a notch from mainstream content sharing platforms. Not only can you post as many pictures, videos, and songs as you want, but you get to walk around as you interact with them. We’re bringing the gallery experience to you, so you can have a better time reliving your memories and enjoying your hobbies with friends.

What does the SAGAN stand for?


We bring the concept of spatial memory and organization to your virtual world.


Share your content with everyone or no one - and access from any device.


A museum dedicated to you and what you love. Because you deserve it, sweetie.


Like a bank that works just for you, we keep your stuff safe.


Unlike a dating app, make a deeper connection with your content.

Multiple File Type Support

Populate your room with photos, documents, audio and video files. We know you need a combination of all of these to tell a good story.

Sagan Drive

Upload all of your content to our Sagan Drive for easy importing and accessibility of your files in our application.

Fully Customizable Experience

Customize everything from the size and shape of your Sagan to how each item is interacted with.

Easy Sharing

Invite your friends, families, peers, or students to your Sagan with our integrated sharing feature.

Share your creations.

Once you’ve built your Sagans, we make it easy to share your 3D creations with the world. Share with one person, a group of people, or let it be viewable by all!

Online learning & research.

You are already on a screen, scrolling through content. Add a 3D component for a more engaging experience.

A 3D scrapbook.

Your personal exhibit highlighting your favorite shots from your travel journeys – what we like to call your living legacy.

Your personal reading room.

Whether replicating your favorite institution or creating your personal collection of favorites, Saganworks brings dimension to your knowledge.

Organize, store & retrieve.

All the stuff you care about – favorite books, that never-ending to-do list, all the posters you can’t get away with hanging on your actual walls – whatever!

Take your knowledge with you!

We’ve customized the Saganworks experience to fit into the palm of your hands.Create, organize, and explore – all while being on-the-go.


Ready to Get Started?

Get in there and experience us for yourself - no payment required to learn what we’re all about.