Your Business. Your Experience.
Take both to the next dimension.

(spoiler alert: it's a lot easier than you think)

Saganworks for Business

Your website, as an experience.

We're breaking the page model - taking the web from 2D to 3D. Saganworks provides a fully customizable and immersive environment for businesses to tell their story. So whether it be to onboard your employees, educate your audience or sell your products, do it effectively while making it a memorable experience for your audience.

A virtual store.

Amplify your brand and sell your products through a customized virtual store.

A 3D art gallery.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an artist, yoga instructor, musician, or someone else. Give a virtual taste of your in-person experience.

A 3D classroom.

Provide an interactive environment that makes learning accessible and fun for your students and employees.

A virtual exhibit.

Combine audio, photo, and video to create historical galleries – complete with a guided tour!

Step 1

Custom Quote

Every organization’s needs are different. We’ll understand what your goals are from creating a virtual space and provide you with a customized quote.

step 1
step 2
Step 2

Develop a Sagan

You dream it, we build it. Our Professional Services team will work closely with you to do the heavy-lifting of designing and developing your virtual space.

Step 3

Launch Your Experience

Whether it be placing your Sagan on your website or in Marketing campaigns, we’ll help deploy your 3D experience for your business.

step 3

Ready to Get Started?

Get in there and experience us for yourself - no payment required to learn what we’re all about.