Science and a Sagan

The Science of Saganworks

Saganworks is built off of the concept and science of spatial memory. We kick it up a notch and add the virtual element to spatial learning. This provides users with endless 3D spaces to immerse the senses in multiple media types.

The Power of a
Memory Palace

The term “memory palace” was used in ancient times to recall events by visualizing spaces in the mind and the people in those spaces. Remember when our teachers said, “writing down the things you hear helps you remember them later”? Turns out, seeing our thoughts on paper or in a virtual platform helps us remember more useful information.

What is a Sagan?

Quit Alt Tabbing.
Place Memories.

1D and 2D just aren’t enough. We have got to break the paradigm that learning, memory and organization done digitally have to be flat. People can recall and retain information more effectively if they develop a visual diagram – a room if you will – to organize information. With Saganworks, we give you everything you need to do that.

Multimedia Support

We know everyone learns differently, so we support media across a variety of types

Furniture Galore

Get access to hundreds of furniture pieces that add context and meaning to your space

Intuitive UI

We make building your room easy and fun. Navigate our palettes and mindfully drag and drop your content

Saganworks Memory Palace

Create endless rooms of knowledge, then connect, map and make sense of your SaganWorld

Multidimensional Learning

Human interaction, retaining knowledge and how we learn are due for innovation. With Saganworks, you have unlimited opportunities to store knowledge and information in the context of your environment.

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