Data Mission Statement and Ideology

We believe in the moral obligation of protecting your data when you give it to us. Not a single third party will be getting their hands on your stuff.

Sell your data?
Heck no!

Almost everywhere you go online, your data is at risk of monetization. At Saganworks, we don’t roll like that. No ads, no spyware, no political bias, no boosted fake news. Your experiences and data on Saganworks are owned by you and you alone.

Your newsfeed won’t be manipulated

Subscribe to what you want to subscribe to. Interact with our community the way you’d like to. That’s it.

Your interests aren’t for sale

If you feel like sharing to the community, knock yourself out. Otherwise, use Saganworks as your personal archive.

Your living legacy is safe

How many other chances do you have to revisit your 9-year old bedroom? Recreate old memories, share new ones, and know we’ve got your back.

Publishing Control

At our core, Saganworks is a publishing platform - but with us you have full control over consumption of your content.

Secure Servers

If Azure is good enough for the DOD, it’s good enough for us. Rest assured, our servers are solid.

Community Safety

Our team works hard to keep divisive, disturbing or unsafe content off Saganworks so you can build and explore in peace.

You Own Your Content

If you post your content on Saganworks, it still belongs to you. We’re here to help you do more with it.

Share, organize and archive differently

Share, Organize and archive differently.
Take a data-ethical approach for sharing your memories, content and knowledge as a whole.

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